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The Immaculate Dream at Collyer Bristow Gallery

review by David Minton...
’Toro’ is the term attached to an image in Cathy Lomax’s ‘Film Diary’ as the presumed heroine appears to lift her skirt in provocative imitation of a teasing matador. A kind of neither/nor/either/or image it is disposed to have whatever meanings a viewer is disposed to bring, to what might  easily be a still of a  woman playing with a child. Her paintings from film stills tease and intrigue. A sense of the  furtive in the cropped images and their quick manner of painting is reinforced by  footnotes – ‘they were in the house of fun’ ….. ‘she had gate crashed’…’..he told her about a sexual experience he had had…’

Cathy Lomax. Makeup. Artist.
An interview with John William

Originally published at Beauty Papers, 2019

The Anomie Review of Contemporary British Painting
Cathy Lomax: The Blind Spot
, a review of the exhibition and some of the wider themes of my work by Matt Price. Other artists in the book include Ryan Mosley, Kaye Donachie, Rose Wylie & Lubaina Himid.

See more about The Blind Spot here.
Journal of Visual Art Practice, September 2018
Paul O'Kane, Painting the scene of the self: the art of Cathy Lomax
(note: the above link is to an earlier version of the essay)
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