Film Cats

It woke him up because it was hungry (The Long Goodbye)
, 2016, oil on paper, 21x30cm

She loved the kitty (La Bete Humaine), 2016, oil on paper, 21x30cm

They took the kitten back to the pet shop {Cat People}, 2016, oil on paper, 21x30cm


She was seductive (Portrait of a Lady), 2016, oil on paper, 21x30cm


She was trying to read (Bright Star), 2016, oil on paper, 21x30cm
I collect film images and order them by the date I watched the film and also in different thematic categories. I use these images as source materials for my paintings such as my ongoing Film Diary series. One of my categories is 'cats'. From my archive of images I selected five to paint - not considering the films (which incidentally are The Long Goodbye, La Bete Humane, Portrait of a Lady, Bright Star, and of course Cat People) but just looking at the aesthetic qualities of the image. My selected cats are all interacting with people, they are being stroked, and lifted up, they are also being demanding - one is waking up his adopted owner, another is objecting to a book being read. My cats are all different breeds and all have their own distinct personality. These cats are natural ‘non-actors’ - they just do their own thing and something about this tends to draw a more natural performance out of the human actors around them.


The Cat Show


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