Fontana, 2014-15, collaged oil on canvas, 171x131cm


'While on a residency at the BSR in Rome I became fascinated by Karen Stone, a character in The Roman Spring of Mrs Stone, a 1961 film based on a Tennessee Williams novella, who finds herself ‘drifting’ through the city.

'Fontana, a work started in Rome and finished in East London, features a series of women, cut out and re-arranged on a staircase as if it were a Cinecitta film set. The goddess-like women, who are costumed from film and fashion (including the Rome based designer Valentino), descend the stairs, frozen like the omnipresent statues in the Eternal City.'


Roman Remains, Transition Gallery, 18 April – 17 May 2015

Cultweek - Conversation Piece by Sofia Silva


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