American Tan

Dream America (alternative versions)

Dream America is a series of eight films from the last eight decades, curated to accompany American Tan at Dolph Projects. ‘While not necessarily my favourite films – some are very flawed – they do encompass something of the essence of America’s seductiveness.’

These are alternative versions of the paintings shown in that exhibition.

Tiny Furniture (alternative version)
2015, oil on paper, 48x36cm

Tiny Furniture (Lena Dunham, 2010)
The new, New York with successful artists and young people striving to find what they really want to do. Lena Dunham, pre Girls is Aura rather than Hannah
– but she is pretty much the same girl. The whole film has an authentic claustrophobic New York atmosphere, probably because it was shot on a very low budget.


American Tan / #artistsupportpledge


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