American Tan

ASC Studios, 47c Streatham Hill, London SW2

17–26 September 2015

Private View 16 September 6–9pm / Artist's Talk 23 September 7pm

Cathy Lomax is interested in how we consume information and misinformation alike, weaving it together with our own experiences to create a comfort blanket of connections that often bear little relationship to reality.

For DOLPH, Lomax focuses on one of her greatest influences – America. The title of the show, American Tan, is taken from a hosiery shade that was common throughout the 1970s and 80s. Within this seemingly innocuous name Lomax unearths a wealth of cultural indicators, the most important being the idea that from Hollywood to New York (via the Mid-West and the South), America exudes a covetable yet unobtainable glamour.

Alongside new paintings and prints and work from her film diary series, Lomax has curated a program of Dream America films, one of which will be shown each day in the gallery. Other works on show reference self-absorption, a preoccupation with surface and disguise, and how happy ever after is not a guarantee of the American Dream.




Found mirrors and framed photographs

 Film Diary #37


 American Tan table top

Stars in Stripes                           

Dream American film programme



a-n Reviews - American Tan by Alex Michon


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