Regalia, 2014, oil on wood, 6.5x4.5cm (x11)
Bernini's Constanza Ava Gardner as Venus

'Cathy Lomax's Regalia takes the conceptually intriguing perspective of literally exploding the original into constituent particles. In a kind of art equivalent of particle physics or the Blakeian assertion 'to see the world in a grain of sand', Lomax paints a series of cut-out segments from the original, using the form of 18th century miniatures as a further metaphor for this - sum making up the body of its parts - painterly exercise. Subverting traditional portraiture, Lomax's miniatures show just a glimpse of Mr Andrew’s tricorn hat and with only one slightly louche eye. Elsewhere there is a buckled up 18th century pantomime prince shoe, the décolletage of Mrs Andrews, the frou frou top of a delicate white muslin sleeve, a loose ribbon falling nonchalantly and suggestively from Mrs Andrews' bonnet. Lomax concentrates on the seductive costuming, the 'lets dress up and pretend' of looking at old paintings. Regalia works on many levels, it is a philosophical exploration on the nature of seeing, a re-definition of art glancing, the way the viewer’s eye scans a painting. It is also a comment on the nature of responding to famous paintings in that the artist takes it down, cuts it up and messes with it but nevertheless re-presents it in a contemporary way whilst honouring/commenting on art historical tropes.'

An excerpt from Meet the Newlyweds by Alex Michon

Mr and Mrs Andrews at Transition Gallery

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