Bernini's Constanza Ava Gardner as Venus
Top row: Koroba, Julia, Ann, Aphrodite, Marina, Amazon, Palma, Socialite 2013. Middle row: Karen, Mkpuk Eba, Venus, Giovinetta, Socialite 1960, Nodus & Vitta, Faustina Minor (front), Constanza. Bottom row: Faustina Minor (back), Madame, Lydia, Anon, Fro Fro, Emma, Livia, Paolina.

Belladonna, or as it is also known deadly nightshade, is an extremely poisonous plant. It was named belladonna because in Italy the juice was used to dilate the pupils of the eyes to make them appear more seductive. It is also used in herbal and homeopathic medicines and can be used as a sedative because it blocks the function of the nervous system.

This series was made during a residency as an Abbey Painting Fellow at the British School at Rome


BSR Mostra / Elsewhere - Altrove

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