Metal Posters, 2013

Metal is tough, metal will sheen
Metal won't rust when oiled and cleaned

Metal Postcard (Mittageisen)
, Siouxsie and the Banshees


Inspired by the Golden Age of Hollywood and the many reflective repeats of its iconic imagery. Lomax's Metal Postcards and Metal Posters feature illusory titles for imaginary women, words that help to transform mere flesh and blood into ethereal, shimmering über-humans.

The posters team these titles with imagery of Rita Hayworth (she 'gave good face' mythologised Madonna) in The Lady From Shanghai (1947), a film in which her red hair was changed to a shimmering icy blonde by the director, her shortly to be divorced from husband Orson Welles.

'Love Goddess', Hayworth, was only too aware of the mendacity of the silver screen. She had many unhappy marraiges and famously lamented that 'Men fell in love with Gilda (her best known role), but they wake up with me.'


Metal Postcards, 2013


Metal at The Dream Machine exhibition


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