The Count of Monte Cristo: The Unknown - work on display by Annabel Dover

The Unknown

B&B Project Space, Folkestone, 16-17 September 2011

The Unknown is the fifth chapter in a series of exhibitions inspired by Alexandre Dumas's classic adventure story; The Count of Monte Cristo.

For The Unknown, personal histories and Folkestone’s coastal location are combined as each artist examines a character that hovers between fact and fiction. The changing window display at the B&B over the 16 and 17 September will feature at various times Captain Cook’s voyage on The Beagle; promiscuous, myopic sailors; 19th century cross channel ferries, Napoleonic defences and sexually ambiguous aristocrats. Each character change will be accompanied by an announcement on a board outside the space.


Alexander Rennie and his Cross Channel Ferry


Window 1

Window 2



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