We wear white, we are beautiful





Girls in white are the ultimate symbols of innocence, the ever presents of rights of passage ritual from maypole dancing to debutante balls to dark arts’ sacrifice.

Wearing white is also about dressing up… feeling beautiful and playing the bride until eventually it becomes a ghostly reminder of girlhood. Wearing white is so innocent it's sinister.

My girls in white have been culled from numerous sources… TV adaptations of Tess of the D'Urbervilles, old photos of long ago Maydays, Benjamin Stone’s records of English customs.

These white girls look as if they are on the verge of disaster, biting their lips before their deflowering. They levitate and threaten to disappear out of the frame, their maypole ribbon the only thing which stops them floating away or maybe the maypole ribbons and painter’s drips are the ropes which will ultimately hang them.

  Arty 27 Installation at Hanger 7  



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