'Scientists believe dark matter particles will turn out to be proof of a theory called supersymmetry, which predicts that every kind of particle in the universe is paired with a heavier twin'. (The Guardian, 18.12.09)  
Acting 37 / 54      
  Being Hit 37 / 54    
    Performing 76 / 54  
Making Up 76 / 54  

    Swimming 76 / 37      

Doubles or Doppelganger's have an important place in western culture. The double is traditionally seen as either a demon or the devil within and twins and look-alikes are continual sources of artistic fascination. The supersymmetry concept adds a whole new scientific layer suggesting we are locked together with our opposite for good or bad.

Cathy Lomax's work often takes popular culture and shared experiences as a starting point. Her recent work has focused on film, which can be seen as having a kind of supersymmetry of its own with its replication of the world through shadows on the screen. For Doubles she has looked at three versions of the same film, A Star is Born. Made in 1937, 1954 and 1976 respectively, each version changes details to suit the time it was made but the story is the intrinsically the same. Lomax has isolated and cropped the same moment (or place in the plot) from two of the three films and made diptyches. The work springs from ideas around repetition and duplication rather than the romantic doppelganger tradition.

The Doubles series was made for the show of the same name which also featured paintings by Michael Bartlett and was held at Stone Gallery in Dublin in 2010.


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