Wish I Was There

Its 1947 or maybe 1963, I can never remember, these post-war years are all so bleak. Still never mind you’ve got to keep your pecker up and all that and the most important thing is that we are here in Skeggy (never mind how we got the money). Yesterday we went down to the dunes, my boy and I, and then he took me to see old Archie Rice at the Alhambra. Smashing. But even better than a few days in Skeggy is Wakes Week. Out of the mill, on the coach and before you know it you’re in Blackpool and on the dipper with a new man. I might enter the beauty contest tomorrow; I’ve slept with the judge so I’m in with a chance…

Cathy Lomax has never seen a music hall star, worked in a mill, entered a beauty contest or holidayed in Skegness.






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