Fandom as Methodology: A sourcebook for artists and writers



Fandom as Methodology
 examines fandom as a set of practices for approaching and writing about art. The collection includes experimental texts, autobiography, fiction, and new academic perspectives on fandom in and as art.

Interwoven into the academic essays are lavishly designed artist pages in which artists offer an introduction to their use of fandom as methodology.

My artist page takes the form of a letter to Hollywood star Gloria Grahame and is accompanied by a collage of paintings.

Contributors Taylor J. Acosta, Catherine Grant, Dominic Johnson, Kate Random Love, Maud Lavin, Owen G. Parry, Alice Butler, SooJin Lee, Jenny Lin, Judy Batalion, Ika Willis.

Artists featured in the artist pages Jeremy Deller, Ego Ahaiwe Sowinski, Anna Bunting-Branch, Maria Fusco, Cathy Lomax, Kamau Amu Patton, Holly Pester, Dawn Mellor, Michelle Williams Gamaker, The Women of Colour Index Reading Group, Liv Wynter, Zhiyuan Yang



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The Girl with the ... in Fandom as Methodology, edited by Catherine Grant and Kate Random Love (London: Goldsmiths Press, 2019)





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