Set up by Matthew Burrows during the COVID-19 pandemic, this scheme aims to alleviate some of the stress that artists find themselves in the current lockdown with galleries shut and no freelance teaching and technical work.

All the artworks are available for £200 or less. Each time an artist makes £1,000 in sales they pledge to buy another artist's work for £200 - as of the middle of April 2020 I am delighted to have been able to buy works by Philip Allen, Jennifer Campbell, Tamara Dubnyckyj, Colin McMaster & Janet Sainsbury

This simple concept has created a dynamic culture and market where all can contribute.

Listed below are the works I have put forward to the scheme, all of which are far below their usual selling prices. AI am also posting a selection of them on my Instagram feed here.

Follow #artistsupportpledge on Instagram to see the wealth of available work.

me if you are interested in any of the available works.

Kristen, £75

Isabelle, £75
Kate (by Corinne), £75

Audrey (Brown), £75

Liz, £75

Jean, £75

Susan, £75

Afro 7 (Panther sister), £200

Afro 8 (1974 High School Year Book), £200

Afro 16  (Notting Hill Carnival 1976), £200






Dream America (alternative versions)

A Place in the Sun (alternative version), £200

Tiny Furniture (alternative version), £200

Some Came Running (alternative version), £200

Wild at Heart (white), £200




Film Diary (2009-10)
These are from the very first group of the Film Diary series. They record in chronological order the films I watch.

23.11.09 His handwriting was tiny [after Last Days], £200
27.11.09 She only went out in the dark [after Near Dark], £200
23.10.09 She had one last cigarette before she went to bed [after I Know Where I'm Going], £200

31.12.09 She was so tired she had to go to sleep [after The Wizard of Oz], £200
25.11.09 He was upset [after Elephant], £200, SOLD
Stars in Stripes

Stars in Stripes (JM) £175

Stars in Stripes (JLL), £175

Stars in Stripes
, £175

Stars in Stripes
, £175

Stars in Stripes (KK), £175


Rosemary Woodhouse's Wardrobe

Outfit 1...

Outfit 40...

Outfit 13/1...

Outfit 15...

Outfit 46...

Spellbound         Ghost Cinema  

Spellbound 1


Spellbound 2


Mabel Normand

Edna Flugrath
Film Diary Outtakes

They were very disciplined

He had liked her for ages

It was a sing off



Red: Margarita, £200

Dors Front





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