A Gown by Orry Kelly
Cathy Lomax & Alex Michon
Transition Two, 110a Lauriston Road, London E9
October 2018
Beauty Salon
Jennifer Campbell, Cathy Lomax, Alli Sharma
Alison Richard Building, University of Cambridge
9 May - 14 June 2019

Contemporary Masters From Britain
National Gallery of Poland, Gdańsk, Poland
April - June 2019

Joan Crawford Signing autographs Contemporary British Drawing and Watercolour Painting
National Gallery of Poland, Gdańsk, Poland
April - June 2019

Dear Christine (a tribute to Christine Keeler)
May 2019 - Vane, Newcastle
October 2019 - Elysium, Swansea
Feb 2020 - Arthouse1, London SE1

Paper Cuts
Ongoing event organised by Kristian Day

Arty 40: Dresses
America's Sweetheart: Marjorie Morningstar and the social implications of Natalie Wood's tiny waist

Arty 39: Oh! You Pretty Things
I'm Looking at the Face in the Mirror -
An examination of the symbolic quality of mirrors and reflections in art and film, an accompaniment to the themes of The Blind Spot.

Perfect Bound: Volume #1
Wild Girls on Film - The shifting meaning of wearing animal print mirrors how women have been packaged and presented on-screen since the early 20th century. This article and the accompanying paintings examine how women are coded by what they wear.
The Century Club
Interview alongside the exhibition Classical Corrosive

Garageland 21: Urban Ghosts
Ghost Cinema - An investigation into the elusive, long-gone cinemas of East London
The London Underground Brando - The London connections of serial collaborator Eduardo Paolozzi

Garageland 20: Remake Remodel
The Honesty Box - On creativity and originality in Sturtevant, Monroe & Prada
Dressing as Necessity: the vanity trap of the American dream - The Vanity Tables of Douglas Sirk, an essay film by Mark Rappaport.
Star Power v Period Authenticity - Garbo/Leigh/Knightley and Anna Karenina.

Film, Fashion & Consumption, Volume 4, Numbers 2-3
Ghostly threads: Painting Marilyn Monroe’s white dresses

(See I'm a Girl not a Ghoul images here)

Europa '51
A zine made in a limited edition of 50 for the exhibition Europa at Transition Gallery. It is inspired by Europa ’51, a film made by Roberto Rossellini in poverty stricken, post-war Italy.
Only £1 - available to buy here

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